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How do I Setup my API Username and API Password Article not rated yet
The API Username and API Password enables you to be able to connect to our SMS Gateway from another Application or platform. To setup your API Username and API Password, follow the process below: 1. L...
HTTP API Error Codes Article not rated yet
Below are the list of the Available ERROR CODES and their interpretation: 700 = SUCCESS701 = AUTHENTICATION FAILED or INVALID LOGIN702 = INVALID USERNAME/PASSWORD704 = INVALID REQUEST704 = CREDIT UNAV...
How to send sms to Single/Multiple Numbers using HTTP API Article not rated yet
You can use our HTTP API to send SMS messages on our platform, however, in order to do this, you need to setup your API Username and your API Password first. See the Article on how to set your API log...
Do you have a sample code I can integrate to my Application/Website? Article not rated yet
Yes, we have a sample PHP code prepared for you.  Download the zip file and unzip it. Use the example code to know how to use the script 'smsfunction.php' If you need any help, kindly contact Support ...

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