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How to Send SMS Campaigns


With CorpoSMS, you can setup SMS and VOICE Campaigns. This is one of the most interesting functionality of CorpoSMS.

Once you have created your Campaign, the system will take care of the rest. You will specify how often you want the messages to be sent and at what time of the day.

To get started, click on the SMS CAMPAIGNS menu

On the SMS CAMPAIGNS page, if you have created any campaign already, you will see a list of them here, otherwise, click on the ADD New CorpoSMS Campaign button to create a new campaign.

On the CorpoSMS Campaign form, provide the correct information:

Country : The Country which the Contact Group you want to send the message to belongs (Default is your Country)

Sender ID: (Select the correct Senderid you want to use. Senderids MUST be approved before it can be available for selection here)

Message Type: (Select the type of message to be to be sent. Default is NORMAL)

Message: (Type or copy and paste your message here. Note that you should ONLY copy and paste from NOTEPAD, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from Microsoft Word Document)

Contact Group: Select the correct Group to send the message to. This is from the List of Contact Groups you have uploaded or created earlier.

Select Period(s) To Send: Select the period (times) to send this message in a particular day. You can select up to 2 different times. Just click inside the box to select the correct time. (Example, you can select a time in the morning and a time in the afternoon)

Select Weekday(s): Select the days of the week you want the messages sent. If you Select Tue and Wed, your messages will be sent at the specified times on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Select Month(s): Select the month this campaign must run. If you want it to start immediately, then select the current month and the following months you want the campaign to continue.

Once you are sure everything is correct, click the SAVE button.

Please note that you can create as many campaigns as possible for different purposes.

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