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How Do I add the Members Contact Lists to the Contact Group


You must create a Contact Group first, before you can add or upload your members contact lists.

To add the members contacts list to the already created group, Click on the CONTACT GROUP menu or button. All your available CONTACT GROUPS will be listed. Look for the Group you want to add member contacts to and click on the CONTACTS button in front of the Group

Once the Contacts form opens, you can decide to type your members contacts one by one (which may take a very long time to do if you have many contacts to add) OR you can just upload an already prepared member contacts file which can either be a TEXT file (.txt file) or an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx file) or a CSV file (.csv file)


To type the members contact details one by one, just type the correct information in the form provided. Don't forget to select the Correct Birth date and the Special Anniversary Date for the user. Once you have supplied all the correct information for the member, click the ADD button.

Note: You can add up to 2 or 3 Mobile numbers for a member. Make sure they are separated with a comma, example: 2348027889088,2347034527894

Once the record has been added successfully, add the details of the second member... etc until you have added all the member contact details.


To upload the contacts, you need to prepare them in the correct format:

FOR TEXT Files (.txt)

Use NOTEPAD to create your .txt file and make sure that details are typed with each member record on a line separated with double plus sign (++). See examples below:

2348098331182,2348053399636 ++ Olusegun Samuel ++ 22 Lagos Street, S/Gari, Kano ++ 1982-05-21 ++ 2015-11-30

The correct format is: Mobile Nos ++ Fullname ++ Address ++ Birthday ++ Anniversary date

The correct format for the date is: YYYY-MM-DD (4-Digits for year, 2-Digit month, 2-Digit day)


FOR CSV/EXCEL FILES (.csv, .xls, .xlsx)

You can also type the records in Excel and save in any of the formats specified (.csv, .xlx, or .xlsx) depending on the version of Excel you are using.

The format is still the same. The first column must be for Mobile nos, the next column the fullname... etc

If the numbers are not displaying correctly and your record does not look like the samples provided, then you may need to Select the column that is not displaying correctly and RIGHT-CLICK on the column, then select FORMAT CELLS and then select TEXT. With this the records in each column should then diapy correctly. If you face any issue, feel free to open Ticket or Contact Support.

NOTE: See the sample attached files to help you understand the format better.


testgroup-1.txt testgroup-1.txt
testgroup1.xls testgroup1.xls
testgroup12.csv testgroup12.csv

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