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How to Check SMS SENT/DELIVERY Reports


After you have sent your SMS Messages or Voice Messages, you can check the Reports to see which mobiles the messages were sent to and which mobiles delivered or received the SMS messages.

In order to check the SMS Reports,

a. Go to the MESSAGES menu and click on SMS REPORTS

b. From the Advanced SMS Message Search form, follow the steps below to generate your Report:

  • Reports Section: (Select type of Report. DEFAUL is SENT SMS REPORTS. You can select DELIVERED SMS REPORTS to see delivery report)
  • Mobile Number: This is only necessary if you want to get report for a particular mobile, otherwise leave it empty. It must be in international format, example: 2348027990313
  • Senderid: This is only necessary if you want to generate report for messages sent with a particular senderid, otherwise, leave it empty. You must type the exact senderid
  • Message Contains: This is only necessary of you ant to get reports for a particular message if you can remember some words that are contained in the message. You can supply a word or a phrase from the message.
  • From: The starting date for the Report.
  • To: The ending date for the report. If you are generating report for a particular day, then this is not necessary...

Once everything is okay, click on the SEARCH button

On the Result page, if everything is successful, you will see the number of records. Click the EXPORT button to download the report in Microsoft Excel format.


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