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How To Send Voice Messages


You can send voice messages to a single mobile, Bulk Mobile using your Mobile Group or Address Book contacts.

To send voice messages, go to the VOICE MESSAGES menu

1. Click on Send VoiceSMS

2. On the next page, Select if you want to send to Single Mobile, Multiple Mobiles (Bulk) or your Address Book Contacts

3. On the Send Voice Message page, follow all the necessary sections of the form as follows

a. Country : (Select the Country you want to send Message to)

b. Sender ID: (Select the correct Senderid you want to use. Senderids MUST be approved before it can be available for selection here)

c. Record Message: (Select if you want your message to be recorded as it was delivered to you client, so that you can play it later)

d. Language: (The default language is English - en)

e. Select Audio File -(MP3/WAV): (If you have recorded your voice, you can click here to select the file from your PC. If you are using Mobile, it will give you option to record your voice with your Mobile Sound recorder. Please note that only MP3 or WAV files are currently supported.)

f. Message: (If you have not recorded your voice, you can tyoe your message here, our system will convert it for you)

g. Mobile Contacts: (Select any of your Mobile Contact to send Voice message to)

h. Mobile Numbers: (If you have not created your Mobile Contacts, you can type your mobiles here. Please ensure they are separated by comma)

i. Schedule Message?: If you want to schedule the message for a later time, Select YES and then select the correct time for the message to be sent.

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