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How Do I create SenderId


Creating a senderid to be used for Voice Messages is the same way you create your Senderid for SMS Messages. The only difference here is that you can ONLY use numbers as your senderid for Voice Messages. Any other type of senderId IS NOT ALLOWED!

To create a New Senderid, login to your account and click on the VOICE MESSAGES menu

1. Click on the VOICE SENDERID menu

2. On the new page, Click the Add New Voice Senderid button

3. On the new form, Enter the Senderid you want to use in the Sender Id box (It must be Numbers only, probably your mobile number, and must be registered with our provider before it can be approved)

4. Enter the description for this new Senderid in the Description box (This is not compulsory, it is just for your own consumption.)

5. Once done, Click the Add SenderId button.

Please Note if you receive any error and inform Support about it.


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