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How do I create/Add Mobile Contacts Group


To create a Mobile Contact Group:

1. Login to your account with your username ans password

2. Once you have successfully logged in, Click on the MESSAGES menu and select MOBILE GROUPS

3. On the Mobile Group page, click on the ADD NEW MOBILE GROUP button

4. On the New Mobile Group page, you can either copy and paste your Mobile numbers in comma separated format, or you can upload from Text or Excel format. The two forms on this page allows you to do that.


- On the upper form, (the first form on the page), Enter the Name for your Mobile Contact Group in the Group Name: box

- Description: Type the description of this group

- Phone Numbers: Type in, or copy ans paste you list of mobile numbers from NOTEPAD (Please DO NOT COPY FROM MICROSOFT WORD or from WORDPAD). Make sure the mobile numbers are separated with comma as shown below:




Once you are done typing, or pasting the Mobile numbers, click the ADD button


- On the lower form, (The second form on the page),  Enter the Name for your Mobile Contact Group in the New Group Name: box  

- Do not touch the  EXISTING GROUP NAME  box

- Select File: CLICK to select the already prepared text file (.txt) or excel file (.xls, .xlsx, .csv)

- Once you have selected your file, click the IMPORT button


Mobiles numbers in the text file must be arranged one MOBILE number PER LINE, from TOP to BOTTOM without any comma or full stop

Mobiles numbers in Excel format must be arranged from TOP to BOTTOM in the first column of the first excel sheet. 

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