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How do I manage my Clients (Add Credit, send Email, etc)


To manage your client, you need to Login to your SMS Platform as Administrator

1. Click on the CLIENTS menu and select USERS (Select RESELLERS to manage a Reseller)

2. On the Clients Page, look for a small search box on the table that displays the list of clients

3. Type the first two or three letters of the name of your client you want to manage, you should see some names listed.

4. Look for the correct name of the Client and click the VIEW buton in front of the name

5. On the Clients page, you will see the name of the user and other details about him/her.

6. You will also see many action buttons on what you can do on the user. Look for the correct button that describe the action you want to perform and click on it

7. A pop-up page will display for you to be able to perform whichever action you have selected.

- SEND EMAIL: (Click this button to send email to the client)

- SEND SMS: (Click this button to Send SMS message to the client)

- CHANGE PASSWORD: (Click this button to change the password of the client)

- UPDATE MANAGER: (Click this button to change/update the Account Manager for this client)

- UPDATE RESELLER: (Click this button to change/update the Reseller for this client)

- CREATE INVOICE: (Click this button to create an Invoice for this user for any payment he is owing, or for a particular product/service he wants to buy that he must pay for)

- API DELIVERY URL: (Click this button to set/update the API Delivery URL for your Branded Resellers who wants to be receiving delivery reports on their SMS PLATFORM)

- CHANGE CLASS: (Click this button to change/update the class of a client to either a RESELLER, USER or ADMIN)

- UPDATE REFERRAL: (Click this button to set/update the Referral for this client... not necessary for now)

- ADD CREDIT: (Click this button to Add credits to the clients account. Please note that each time you Add credit to a clients account, an invoice is created in order to track the payment.)

- DEDUCT CREDIT: (Click this button to deduct credit from this client's account balance)

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